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I’ll see your Pascal’s Wager and raise you one Greek pantheon.

As an atheist I am constantly bombarded with the same question raised by my friends who are indeed among the faithful. It is an old question dating to Blaise Pascal. It is, what’s the harm in believing in God? If I am wrong in believing, then no harm no foul. If I am an atheist and there is a God, then I am fucked. At first glance this is indeed a marvelous argument in which hedging my bets would pay off.

Here is my argument. If I believe in Yahweh the God of Abraham and the basis of the Judeo-Christian tradition then I am betting against all other religions. What happens if I die and appear in front of Ra or Vishnu or Zeus? I’m shit out of luck. One has to accept that the God in the Bible is the only god in order for Pascal’s Wager to be at all pragmatic. Frankly, with the number of deities that have been fashioned over the years who is to say that Marduk is any less likely to exist than Thor or Cernunnos. If anything it is more pragmatic to be a deist or at least a pantheist than a monotheist.

This however brings me to my more important point. If there was a supreme being, to whom I was presented upon my death, I would hope that he or she would be more influenced to pass judgment on me based on my actions. Seeing that my disbelief was sincere and based on reason as opposed to a belief based on simply playing the odds or fear of retribution. However, if it came to that and I was damned at least I would have all of eternity to write more blog posts condemning the uselessness of God.

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  1. Carrie
    April 3, 2010 at 1:03 am

    I am totally with you. I have developed this fantastically witty response:

    “Oh no! But I heard there’s a God bigger and better than the God of the Bible, who has a Hell that’s hotter than yours and an eternity that’s longer. And HE said he’d send me to Hell if I DO believe in Him! And His punishment is worse. Therefore, I, by necessity must selfishly save myself (as you are doing) by choosing not to believe. But thank you for supporting my logic. I thought I was the only one.”

    • April 3, 2010 at 2:05 am

      The audacity of Judeo-Christians to assume it’s theirs or nothing is pretty much a staple of their kind though haha. One of the things I love about Richard Dawkins is that he always brings up that no one believes in Thor or Zeus anymore, so what makes Yahweh so different?

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