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My newest project

April 20, 2011 Leave a comment

So on April 9th, my good friend Jason had me come on his internet radio show to discuss the May 21, 2011 end times prophesy. It was originally just going to be me on the show with his co-hosts. The show runs for two hours and we were set to talk about Harold Camping, May 21st, and the rapture more generally. However, about 4 hours before the show was to start Brother Mike called Jason’s hotline and asked to be on the show.

Well the show came and we had Brother Mike come on and talk about the claims. He was long winded and full of crap but he was generally polite. He was on for just shy of an hour before he was cut off and we went into the second portion where the three hosts and myself discussed what Brother Mike said.

After the show, Bob who is also an atheist, Jason who is religiously apathetic, and myself decided that we could have a show just to address the things that came up during that one episode. So we got together and planned out our own show, I am the host and Bob and Jason agreed to be the co-hosts.

We filmed our first episode on Monday. The format is somewhat raw, we were out in public, but we think that this will work well for what we are doing. Jason’s other show is filmed in his living room so we wanted something more open for this show. Our inaugural episode deals with the Resurrection Challenge issued by LogosApologia last September as a sort of kick off. We have some big things planned once we get a small following. If you want to check out the show you can like our fan page on Facebook and tune in at 8pm ET tomorrow night at for our first episode.


Survey about religion.

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

So I decided to do some research with respect to religious demographics. Hopefully the research will go well and I will be able to conduct more in depth research and just maybe write a research paper on the subject of my findings. I believe that the internet is the best way to do these sorts of things. In 2010 a majority of Americans have access to the internet and it provides a better statistical analysis than if I were to stand around asking people to take a survey like I did back in college. With that said, please take the survey, answer all the questions honestly and hopefully within a few weeks I will be able to come back with some of the results.

Click Here to take survey